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The Purpose and Objectives of the Saleeby-Saliba Family

The purpose of this association shall be to preserve family history, traditions, culture and genealogy, communicate and distribute information. The association is non-profit and no part of any net earnings shall inure to the benefit of any private member.

The association shall have power to collect and disseminate statistics and other information, and to engage in various fund-raising activities, to conduct promotional activities, including advertising and publicity in and or by any suitable manner or media. Anyone related to the Saleeby-Saliba Family by blood or by marriage is eligible to become an active member of this association.

Significance and Symbolism of the Family Crest

The dominate figure of the Crucifix on the Crest is the emblem which defines the family name.  The word "Cross" in Arabic is "Saleeb". The word "Saleeby" means "Of the Cross", "From the Cross", or "My Cross". This name was given the clan in the early days of Christianity because Saleeby's and Saliba's built many churches.

The Bishop's Crown of the Orthodox Church is symbolic of the religious and political power which was held by the Saleeby Family in Lebanon and Syria for many centuries.

The olive branch is symbolic of peace, and is also the fruit which provided our ancestors much of their daily sustenance.

The Crossed Arabian Swords are symbolic of the courage exhibited by our forefathers as they fought to protect their homes, their families, and their treasured Christian Religion.

The Saleeby-Saliba Website will not be a platform from which to promote or support any particular political or religious cause or viewpoint over another.

Our Motto is "Unity, Patriotism and Love."


In Loving Memory...

Doris Matney Saleeby

November 3, 1935 December 21, 2021


Richard Gibran Saleeby

Dr. Richard Gibran Saleeby

December 8, 1921 - September 24, 2020


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